A Poem To My Mind

A Poem To My Mind: Letting Go Of The Moon

You sold me on all the reasons
I needed the moon.
Its pull. Its glow. Its beauty.
Eagerly I yearned for this treasure as you told me
the various ways you would bestow this gift to me, alone.
The limitless path that you would guide me on to the luminousness I craved.
But when it came time to make good on my longing,
I found myself lost in darkness, my guide gone.
Leaving me filled with a longing I had not felt before you appeared.
So many feelings to experience.
Not wanting to name them, but needing to frame them
betrayed. abandoned. deflated.
The pattern from creation to childhood to adult.
First Mother, then God, then Lover, then Mind.
The dance of separation repeated once more.
The pain settled deep and in this quiet space a new thought,
a question emerges.

“Why long for the Moon, when in your heart you have the light of a hundred Suns?”

Slowly I release my grip on the attachment to one fate,
and instantly my destiny unfolds.

-Taya from the book Sutra of Stars







This poem is inspired by the work that I have been doing since The Mind and Meditation Training I participated in back in July. It was such an eye opening training on the way our mind works and how to put our minds to the use they were designed for. One of the biggest insights I gained was a clearer understanding on the three minds, negative, positive and neutral minds.

The negative mind is a protective mind that seeks out the danger in situations. The positive mind affirms the findings of the negative mind with a backlog of past experiences. Both of these minds have important functions but they must also work with the neutral mind, or meditative mind, so that we can decipher the information received but bring it to a higher awareness. This is a very basic description indeed, but what really struck me is the way the positive mind can set you on a path or give you a mission to complete that may not suit your best interest. Then once you meet that destination and things don’t work out the positive mind abandons you and instead pulls up all the past failures and faults.

Perhaps you have had an experience like this? I know I have and that is what this poem is all about. It is about how we can get lured by the mental intrigues of the mind and instead of following our destiny we are sucked into a repeat loop of fate. It is certainly a skill to work with the three minds and I am learning so much from Yogi Bhajan’s book The Mind: The Projections And Multiple Facets. It is a book I will read many times over!



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