I used to tell myself
“I have abundance”
even in the moments
I felt I had nothing at all.

Then I realized 
I had it all wrong.
I don’t have abundance,
I am abundance.

With each breath I take in,
I swell
with abundance.
Each exhalation
makes space for even more.

With each moment,
trillions of cells,
more than I can comprehend,
weave themselves together
in a complex dance
to make up this body.

There are rivers within me
that pulse and grow with
each beat of my heart.
Each beat its own giving
and receiving.

In my bones,
there are gems and stones,
so precious,
so beautiful,
they will be treasures of
abundance left behind
long after I am gone.

So no,
I don’t just have abundance,
I am abundance.
As are you,
and every other creature
that walks on this
abundant Earth.

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