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  • Libra Jamieson 1822

    This World

    This Word is such a precarious dance of extremes and oppositions. One moment and up another a down. One action for peace another for war. The goodness seems overwhelmed by the bad until the scales tip once more. Only for a brief moment are the […]

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  • Ocean

    Our Lesson

    Our Lesson There is an assignment, a lesson that we have all come here to learn. It is simply this: whatever love is in your life, receive it, breathe it in, drink it in, bathe in it, cherish it like holy water so that it […]

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  • FullSizeRender

    Follow That Path

    What are you being gifted? What comes to you by the grace of those you love? Follow that path. What is it that stirs you? What passion makes you rise up from your bed to face each day? Follow that path. And if that path […]

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  • Sunset

    Sutra Of Stars- The Full Poem

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  • Rain

    I longed for the ocean. My years spent living by the sea have not left me. I longed for the ocean but I turned away from it as I moved towards the mountains I grew up in. The river danced its way past me across […]

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  • Spiral Stairway E1445971380257


    I have worn out my heart with all of this longing. My feet ache from the endless searching. My legs have dropped me down to the earth in complete surrender. In this quiet stillness, I realize my folly. Everything I have been searching for was […]

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  • Lotus Hands

    Embracing Emptiness

    During a particularly hard time in my life, I found myself feeling empty. Completely empty and in this moment it felt like a very bad thing. Extremely painful and unpleasant, something to avoid, to numb, to escape from. It was one of those haunting moments […]

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  • Rock


    Statue This pain that you are feeling, it is the cutting edge of the chisel. Creator, hammer in hand, is completing you with each blow, A tap to give definition, A strike to uncover the pure stone of your being. The elements are weathering you […]

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  • Women And Moon Crop

    Women and the Moon

    We all feel it. The effects of the Moon on our emotions, our energy, our sleep. We feel the stirrings of our wildness with the Full Moon and the internal draw of the New Moon. Our own tides rise and fall with the pull of […]

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