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  • Moongoddess

    The Soul’s Poem

    There is a secret poem hidden in your heart. You don’t need to write it, It was written the moment you were born, and is waiting for you to discover it. You may have uncovered a line of it here and there. You may have […]

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  • Moon Glow

    The Forgotten Love

    We have forgotten how to love. Real love is not an not an act or gesture. Real love is not an experience- It is a state of being. When we love, really love, we do not hold back. We can’t turn it off and on and off again like a light bulb. It just […]

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  • IMG 0999

    Who Knows

    We talked of many things in our night together. Of wonders created and imagined, forgetting which was which. We talked of worlds within worlds and others beyond comprehension. When we had drunk deeply of the wine you turned to me and said “The night is […]

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  • IMG 0805

    The Cavern

    When the Earth opens up and slowly pulls you in, you can go willingly into the depression, even though you are scared. The pull will not go away but will only act as an anchor that will slow you down, as you press on trying […]

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  • IMG 0861

    The Trail

    I want to take you just a few steps off of your well-worn path. Will you take my hand as I reach it out to you and then step you just two steps over? I want to show you the edge of crazy wisdom and […]

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  • Moon Glow

    The Chase

    The mind wants so badly to understand this mystery. Each person on your path holds a clue. Each quiet moment offers the chance of insight. The mind tries to weave them together in some form that make sense to it, But this world is not […]

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  • Taya Ceremony

    Sky Dancer

    She who is all of space, dances through me. I have let myself become as open to the air as a tattered prayer flag so that she can move in me without impediments. The winds are roused as I write this, confirming this great Wisdom […]

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  • Taya River

    Do Not Wait Pray

    Do not wait to Pray. Let each breath be your prayer. Do not wait until you are in a sacred space to pray. Pray in the streets filled with traffic and noise Pray in the middle of the mundane where it is least expected. Do […]

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  • IMG 0375

    Whenever Water Is Near

    Set your Holy Books down and stick your feet into these waters. They could be the Ganges or the fountain in the square. It doesn’t matter where you are the Divine is there waiting for you to stick your feet in and then sink deep […]

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  • IMG 0422

    The Order Of Things

    There are moments in which the whole universe collapses into one point, crushing everything together, creating more heat and friction, and gravity and pain then you can fathom. And then in the next moment, everything turns inside-out and a whole new Universe is born and […]

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