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  • Taya Field 21

    My Offering

    When I place my offering, filled with flowers and candlelight, calmly upon the waters the waters remain still and pacified. Letting my offering drift far beyond the horizon to the other Shore.  When I place my offering hastily upon the waters the waters become choppy and […]

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  • Taya River 105sepia


    There is a mirror that will show you the inner workings of the Universe. A smooth surface like the waters of a still pond that can reflect the brilliance of the Cosmos when quiet, or the chaos of distortion when rippled. This mirror can bring […]

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  • Where Jouneys Meet

    Where Journeys Meet

    I love when what we love to do can be used to support a project we love! This is one of those moments for me. I am so delighted to be one of 80 poetesses from around the world to be included in this project. All […]

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  • River Side


    I longed to be free, but when freedom came, I froze. So used to resisting, that with nothing to push away I did not know what to reach for. So used to having an excuse to trap me in, That when the door was opened […]

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  • Taya Poetry Reading

    Sutra Of Stars- Poetry Reading

      There is nothing more rewarding to a poet then to share the poems in one’s hearts with others, and to have those poems received in their hearts as well. We discovered that the perfect way to show your applause for poetry is really as short […]

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  • Home 02 Feather Side

    Learning To Fly

    I am rising up In this moment Above all the sorrows and joys Of my small world Raising myself Up To a place above it all Where I become It All. Suddenly there is no fear Of the future For I can see it all […]

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  • Kali


    I am the one in the mask, in the dark. My feet buried deep in the earth my hands covered in the grit. I am the one who has no fear of the blood, sweat, tears of this world for I am painted with them […]

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  • Diwali


    We are golden phoenixes, who dive into our own fire to be consumed by the flames of truth. Once the flames have cleared us away, we linger for a moment as ash and dust. Dingy with debris. Until the force of our own gravity pulls […]

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  • Demon

    Demon Slayer

    The demons I have, I invite them to sit with me for tea or sake as the time of day permits. To join me at this meeting one must set all weapons aside. Metal clangs on the cool of stone as my guests remove their […]

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  • Shayne Cheeks2

    My Child

    There is a quiet moment each night while you are sleeping where I look upon you in disbelief. How could such a being exist, and how could such a being have come through me? Your face is such a perfect work of art, some features […]

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