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  • Photo4


    I am so devoted to you. That is the way you designed me. These hands so small, yet able to connect 
with distant planets with a simple touch. This spine, a bone mala, stretched between heaven and earth. My prayers recited over and over with […]

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  • Photo3


    I used to tell myself “I have abundance” even in the moments I felt I had nothing at all. Then I realized 
I had it all wrong. I don’t have abundance, I am abundance. With each breath I take in, I swell with abundance. Each […]

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  • Isaffron


    That vessel within me has broken again. the clay that I had used to patch it, the sun that I had used to harden it, could not hold back the water of my tears. I let them flow down my face, down my body until […]

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  • Shadow Effect


    What is it you are fearing? Quickly run to it. Clear away all that you have used to block it behind the door. Open this door and take fear by the hand. Bring it into the light. It is not the looming shadow stretching across […]

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  • Diwali


    There a depth in you. a hidden place where your soul holds your heart. your mind has told you to protect its soft, flickering light from the wind and from the breath of others- who might snuff out this tender flame. yet this is not […]

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  • Kala Chakra Sand Mandala


    I will never die. There is too much energy and momentum that makes up this “me”, too much power and grace, for an end to be its destiny. This body of mine will crumble back into the nothingness from which it came, that was the […]

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  • Altar M1

    Blessing This Place- Energetic Space Clearing

    Whether we admit it or not, we are affected by the energy around us. The people and places we interact with all leave an energetic imprint of us. Most importantly is our home’s energetic environment. Our homes are an energetic container for all of our […]

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  • Journey Within

    Journey Within

    Journey Within The Earth is calling you to dive deep below the frost covered ground. There is a warmth there that can penetrate each layer of your being. There is nourishment to be drawn in from the strong roots that bind you, like gravity, to […]

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  • Ocean1

    Feeling Perturbed? The Beauty Of Irritation On The Yogic Path

    I have seen it first hand at yoga events. I have felt it powerfully myself. Everything is going great in your practice when suddenly everything around you is making you want to go crazy. The person next to you is breathing too loud. Someone in […]

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  • River Side

    A Return To Moon Cabin

    It has been almost a year since my first retreat at Moon Cabin.  I shared about my adventures and the lessons learned (click here to read about that powerful experience). With my 36th birthday approaching, I found myself longing for a retreat from my normal routine. […]

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