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I love yoga and meditation. I have always longed to cultivate a deep, spiritual practice and to unite with others who wanted to do the same. I practice yoga and meditation from the Kundalini Yoga Tradition. These practices have unlocked so much for me and I love sharing what I have learned through my trainings and experiences.
I teach weekly classes at Wild Mountain Yoga in Nevada City, Ca and in-depth workshops, private sessions and facilitate in yoga retreats.
 I love teaching and seek out more opportunities to share the practices that have transformed my life to accommodate my soul. Contact me for details about how we can practice together. 


I have loved writing since I was young. As a shy child, my words were slow when it came to speaking but could flow freely when I sat down to write. Poetry was the medium for me to express my deep emotions and speak the language of the soul. My writing focus now is a combination of poetry and short stories meant to convey some of the insights I have gained on the spiritual path. I share these on my blog or facebook regularly.
I am excited to share poetry from my first book Sutra Of Stars and my second
 book The Forgotten Love- Poems of Love and Longing.

 I am also proud to be a contributing poet in Where Journeys Meet: The Voice Of Women’s Poetry available here. The proceeds for this book got to WriteGirl, a mentoring program in Los Angeles that helps young women find their voice through writing. 

I am currently working on my next book When the Soul Is Stirring and I am excited to share these poems of revolution and awakening. Stay tuned here!


I took up painting years ago and now I can’t help but paint. It is something that inspires me deeply. My breathing changes, my heart opens and a process flows through me that allows for me to create in partnership with something far greater than myself.

My paintings are inspired by visions or experiences I acquire from the natural world. Perhaps it is the way the sunlight reflects off the moving water, or the intricate lines etched into cedar bark- it is always some image or experience from nature that is the catalyst for my paintings. I also draw from my spiritual experiences which stem from my studies of world religions and my yoga, meditation, and sacred dance practices. My artwork has a zen influence and I try to be fully present as I paint and let go of mental restrictions. There is a refined freedom to this process as it is focused and very intuitive.

It is my hope to bring artwork, beauty, and the creative process into homes and hearts that could use its healing powers. Art can be a powerful visual reminder of our path and I want to help others use the creative process to achieve their highest destiny. In focusing on art inspired by the natural world I hope to bring the outdoors inside, especially in urban areas. My artwork is an attempt to remind us all of our connection, our dependency on the natural world for our wellbeing and survival, and to rekindle the childhood awe we all had in the beauty and wonders that embrace us when we step outside. You can visit my etsy store page here.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and writing and that it inspires your own creative process and an adventure outdoors or dive deep into your yoga practice.