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Blessing This Place- Energetic Space Clearing

Whether we admit it or not, we are affected by the energy around us. The people and places we interact with all leave an energetic imprint of us. Most importantly is our home’s energetic environment. Our homes are an energetic container for all of our thoughts and emotions. Just think how your space vibrates after a big argument or after a gathering with friends. We don’t think about it often, but it is just as important to energetically clean our homes as it is to do our normal chores.

One thing I have prided myself on is the feeling people get when they walk into my home. It doesn’t matter where I have lived- old 1920s Victorian, small studio or large modern home- people always notice how good my living space feels. This is no accident. On top of the regular cleaning, I take the time to do a Space Clearing ceremony just about once a month.

This ceremony is a combination of Balinese Space Clearing taught to me by a friend, some Chinese wisdom from the principles of Feng Shui, some Yogic techniques for working with energy and my intuition. I use the elemental energies as well as the sensory vibrations to clear the space I am in. Now there is a touch of cleaning involved, in that all clutter needs to be dealt with. I also brush the walls with a sheepskin duster. This removes well, dust, but it also clears the energy on our walls. This is so important, especially in corners where emotional energy builds. When I am done it feels like there is a new coat of paint on the walls! Such a simple and powerful way to tend to our space.

Then the fun begins. I set up an altar, or if I am working in someone else’s home or office I ask them to gather items for the altar. These items are visual representations of what we want to create in the space. Yantras are powerful additions to the altar since they can generate such a powerful effect on the energy of a space. The Venus yantra is pictured below. Yantra and Mandala Arts is an amazing source of yantras. You can find them at www.yantramandala.com. Also important are figures we want to emulate, like Quan Yin here, and vessels to contain the energy we wish to bring in like love, wealth, peace.

In addition to personal items I also bring in representations of the elements. These elements will travel with me through the house as I bless the space and then return to the altar. A representation of each of the senses will bless the space as well. Sound plays a big part as I use a combination of rattles, bells, singing bowls, chimes and even gong to clear the energy in the home. Smell is another important piece as we offer sage, cedar, copal and other sacred resins to each room to purify the space.

The whole process takes around an hour or so to complete based on the size and energy of a space, but the effects are long lasting. If your recently moved into a new place this is a must to make your home your own. If you are moving from a space it is a must to clear your energy and resolve any unsettled business. If there is a change in the house hold, a new baby on the way or an old roommate moving out- this is also a must. It is also beautiful to do this ceremony at the New Year, a birthday, the start of a new or end of an old relationship, on the New Moon, etc. Really I can’t think of a bad time to do this type of space blessing!

If you would like more information or would like to schedule a Space Blessing in your home or business please email me at taya@tiffanaya.com. Blessings to you in the New Year!

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