• Lotus Hands


    One night, while lying in bed, I realized that I had spent so much time reaching up to the stars that what I already had was slipping through my finger tips. I lay still as this realization washed over me. In that stillness I could […]

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  • Photo4


    I am so devoted to you. That is the way you designed me. These hands so small, yet able to connect 
with distant planets with a simple touch. This spine, a bone mala, stretched between heaven and earth. My prayers recited over and over with […]

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  • Photo3


    I used to tell myself “I have abundance” even in the moments I felt I had nothing at all. Then I realized 
I had it all wrong. I don’t have abundance, I am abundance. With each breath I take in, I swell with abundance. Each […]

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  • Isaffron


    That vessel within me has broken again. the clay that I had used to patch it, the sun that I had used to harden it, could not hold back the water of my tears. I let them flow down my face, down my body until […]

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  • Shadow Effect


    What is it you are fearing? Quickly run to it. Clear away all that you have used to block it behind the door. Open this door and take fear by the hand. Bring it into the light. It is not the looming shadow stretching across […]

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  • Diwali


    There a depth in you. a hidden place where your soul holds your heart. your mind has told you to protect its soft, flickering light from the wind and from the breath of others- who might snuff out this tender flame. yet this is not […]

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  • Kala Chakra Sand Mandala


    I will never die. There is too much energy and momentum that makes up this “me”, too much power and grace, for an end to be its destiny. This body of mine will crumble back into the nothingness from which it came, that was the […]

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  • Spiral Stairway E1445971380257


    I have worn out my heart with all of this longing. My feet ache from the endless searching. My legs have dropped me down to the earth in complete surrender. In this quiet stillness, I realize my folly. Everything I have been searching for was […]

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  • Lotus Hands

    Embracing Emptiness

    During a particularly hard time in my life, I found myself feeling empty. Completely empty and in this moment it felt like a very bad thing. Extremely painful and unpleasant, something to avoid, to numb, to escape from. It was one of those haunting moments […]

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  • Rock


    Statue This pain that you are feeling, it is the cutting edge of the chisel. Creator, hammer in hand, is completing you with each blow, A tap to give definition, A strike to uncover the pure stone of your being. The elements are weathering you […]

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