• Wolf Moon

    A Return To Shamanic Healing

    Years ago I was dedicated to a practice of shamanic journeying. I was in college and fascinated by this powerful practice that gave so much insight and offered such a deep connection to the creative force. I loved to see the ways in which Shamans […]

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  • Hunter’s Moon Art Opening 10/17/13

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  • A Poem To My Mind

    A Poem To My Mind: Letting Go Of The Moon You sold me on all the reasons I needed the moon. Its pull. Its glow. Its beauty. Eagerly I yearned for this treasure as you told me the various ways you would bestow this gift […]

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  • Riding The Waves And Finding Calm In the Process

    Every moment is so full. It feels like each second my to do list expands with priorities shifting each moment. Everything feels urgent and important. It reminds me of those contest where you step into a chamber where money blows all around you and your […]

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  • New Year painting by Taya Malakian

    Creating Sacred Space For The New Year

    It is New Year’s Eve. 2012 was certainly a full year with many lessons learned and many layers of the past falling, or at time being stripped away, to let a new way of life emerge. Ever year I like to do something to acknowledge […]

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  • No Words Can Console

    The news is filled with emerging details of yesterday’s tragedy. Questions of why and how are circulating as we try to understand what could permit such senseless suffering. The blame is being determined and the question of stricter gun control circulate as the possible answer. […]

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  • View From Cottage1

    A Date with My Soul- The Search for Creativity

    It has been awhile since I painted, wrote poetry or danced. I just haven’t had the fuel for the fire of creativity. I noticed this months ago and just accepted it and thought I would ride it out having seen this pattern or inspiration before. […]

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  • Paladar1

    Show At Polly’s Paladar

    Polly’s Paladar is a monthly dinner club that takes place in a beautiful home in Downtown Nevada City. The events, hosted by the lovely Megan McCollam, are fabulous, high energy celebrations of the amazing cullinary creations of some of the most amazing and innovative chefs […]

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  • Coast Taya

    Welcome to my website

    This has been a project I have longed for and couldn’t quite find the way to begin. Thank you to Kourosh of Kurrent for taking my vision and turning it into something much more than I thought was possible to create! It seems only fitting […]

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