New Year painting by Taya Malakian

Creating Sacred Space For The New Year

New Year painting by Taya Malakian

It is New Year’s Eve. 2012 was certainly a full year with many lessons learned and many layers of the past falling, or at time being stripped away, to let a new way of life emerge.

Ever year I like to do something to acknowledge the year past and to open to the year ahead. I would like to share my little tradition with you and I would love to hear about any New Year’s traditions that you might have.

I have to start any ceremony by clearing clutter. Yesterday I went through our house clearing out things we didn’t need and rearranging areas that needed some attention. This is really opens the doors to bring in new energy. It is worth all the work and made me realize how little I actually need as well as home many treasures I have surrounding me!

Today I shifted into ceremony mode. I gathered my ceremonial tools- drum, smudge stick, incense resins, bells, and more on my desk. My desk is a solid wooden desk that I have had all through college. It stores my art supplies, is flecked from years of painting and serves as my creative space. It also happens to be in the same room that I practice yoga and meditate so this is a place of power for me.

I like to begin by breathing deeply and tuning in.

I take my smudge stick and lite it by the front door. With the smoke from the sage filling the space around me, I walk from the front door of the house in a circle around the interior of my house. I am sure to spend extra time anywhere that needs it. The smell of white sage smoke takes me quickly into sacred space since it has been a part of so many ceremonies. Thank you White Sage!

Once the whole house has been smudged- I take out my Tibetan Bell and begin ringing it through the house. The sound of the bell breaks up stagnant energy and raises the vibration of the space. No wonder we “ring” in the New Year!  I follow up the bell with a round of drumming throughout the house. This really gets energy moving! I focus on drum beats that call in the elements which leads into the next step of my ritual.

To balance the elements in my home, I follow the same path through the house, each time carrying a representation of the elements-earth= salt, air=incense resins,  fire=candles, water=water and finally ether which I represent by toning in each room and then pausing in the silence.

Once I have completed this I wash my hands in cold, cold water. I like to burn incense outside the front and back door of my home where I have statues of Buddha, Ganesha and Lakshmi. I open the doors for the sacred to fill my home and my life. The change in the energy is tangible!

With the New Year upon us I wish for overflowing Love, connection to the One and Freedom from restrictions. I hope that your New Years wishes come true!


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