There a depth in you.
a hidden place where your soul holds your heart.
your mind has told you to protect its
soft, flickering light
from the wind and from the breath of others-
who might snuff out this tender flame.
yet this is not a simple candle
that burns inside your chest.
it is a chain of suns
that exceeds the number of years
that you will walk on this earth.

there is nothing to protect,

nothing that could contain the power
locked between your breasts.
there is not darkness in your depths
but a powerful heat, a fire storm
beyond comprehension.
and since the mind cannot comprehend this
it tells you a story of a tiny light that must be
defended, that must not be seen by the eyes of others.
but the heart, held by the expanse of the soul,
waits patiently for you to awake from
this simple dream and ignite the world
with your light.

In the book Sutra Of Stars- Available Here

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