Follow That Path

What are you being gifted?
What comes to you by the grace of those you love?
Follow that path.

What is it that stirs you?
What passion makes you rise up from
your bed to face each day?
Follow that path.

And if that path every becomes unclear,
look into the eyes of the nearest child.
Sing with the river.
Sit in the calm of the minds chatter
and wait until you pick up that trail
before you give up and turn back.
Oh, and there is no need to turn back.

-Taya from Sutra Of Stars

About the Author

Taya MTaya Malakian is a poet, an artist, a yogini, a mother, and a minister/spiritual advisor. She strives to be a "Medicine Woman for the Modern World" bringing deep wisdom, ceremony and soulfulness into every aspect of daily life. She lives in Nevada City, Ca.View all posts by Taya M →