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Getting Started With Kundalini Yoga

It has almost been many years since I began teaching, and many more since I began practicing Kundalini Yoga.
The most common question I get is “Where do I get started creating a home practice?” Students want to know where to get the music, teachings, clothing online. I have handwritten the suggestions below more times then I can count so know it is time to get digital!

Below are a list of my go to websites for music, mantras, teachings, kriyas and meditations. They are vast reference libraries and I am so grateful to them all for making this information accessible.

And of course, I must include some of my favorite places to get beautiful clothing to wear when practicing yoga. In the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, it is encouraged to wear natural fibers in white as this expands your aura by one foot. It is also encouraged to pull up the hair and cover it while practicing. This contains your energy and draws it up to your crown while protecting from outside energy. Try these technologies out to see for yourself. I don’t always use them when I practice yoga at home, but I feel a big difference when I do. I wouldn’t teach without them!

Enjoy these resources and share your favorites below.

Spirit Voyage
This is a great resource for all the music we use in class and some great white clothing that you can practice in. One of my favorite sections in this site is Mantrapedia where you can look up the meanings of each mantra and learn more about their origins. For me this is such and important piece to really speed up the power of the mantra. When our mind and heart are aware of the power of these magic words we are more apt to immerse ourselves in their sound.
If you sign up for their weekly newsletter they offer a free music download each Friday which is a great way to build up your music collection.

The Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings
This is an amazing compilation of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan with videos and articles. It is searchable so you can find the teaching you need on specific topics.

Simrit Kaur Music
Simrit is an phenominal talent and a dedicated yogi. Simrit’s music is a must for your yoga practice. I play Simrit’s music in ever class that I teach! I also feel blessed that she has created many short and sweet videos that teach simple yoga practices and dive deep into the meaning of mantras. You can view here videos here simritkaurmusic.com/category/simrit-kaur-music-blog/

Pink Lotus Kundalini Yoga
This is a accessible site if you want to find a few kriyas or meditations to practice at home. Some of my favorites for new yogis on this site are basic spinal series, pituitary series, and kriya for elevation.

This is a great website to understand the connection between Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh tradition. There is a great music library here where you can access free downloads of various mantras.

Long Time Sunshine Apparel
These are my favorite Kundalini Yoga Clothes! They are so soft and stylish that you won’t want to save them for yoga alone!

SpiritHouse Imports
SpiritHouse is located here in Nevada City, Ca and I am in there all the time looking at jewelry, clothing for yoga and sacred statues. You can check out their webstore here http://spirithouseimports.com/

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