Lotus Hands


One night,
while lying in bed,
I realized that I had
spent so much time
reaching up to the stars
that what I already had
was slipping through my finger tips.

I lay still as this realization
washed over me.

In that stillness
I could hear the sound of my son’s
perfect breathing-
so natural and free.

My heart found great comfort
in his resting peace.

I savored that moment fully
and then extended it to everything I had-
no matter how small, how simple.

We never know what comes next.
We never know when we might shift
from what we long for to what we have lost.

One day it might all be gone and instead
of yearning for what is ahead,
we might be longing for what was once ours.

And so my hands hold gently what is in their reach
and fills my heart with their gratitude.

In the book Sutra Of Stars- Available Here

About the Author

TayaTaya is a poet, an artist, a yogini, and mother. She strives to bring deep wisdom, ceremony and soulfulness into every aspect of daily life. She lives in Nevada City, Ca.View all posts by Taya →