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I remember when I first saw her,
how I cried and cried,
My tears falling into the vast cavern between us.

I couldn’t believe she was real,
and even though she was so far away
from where I was,
I could feel the cord of connection
between us.

I set out to find the path
through the cavern.
The way was winding and unpredictable.
In dark corners I encountered the eyes
of everyone I had been before
and the wisdom of lifetimes came to me.

In the blinding light my eyes
were cleared and the searing heat
burned away everything I no longer
needed on this journey.

With each turn I set something
from the past aside,
and in its place a new tool
came to me.

Just in the moment where I
was farthest from her gaze,
a simple turn in the path brought me
all the way to Center.

There was no one there.

My heart panicked that all
this journey was for nothing.
I stepped into the center of the labyrinth
and realized
that it was me,
the woman I had fallen in love with,
all along,
for my own arrival
to this moment of awakening.

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