Shayne Cheeks2

My Child

There is a quiet moment
each night
while you are sleeping
where I look upon you
in disbelief.

How could such a being exist,
and how could such a being
have come through me?

Your face is such a perfect work of art,
some features borrowed from your ancestors
and some new to this world.

Your form seems so tiny while you rest,
but the days activity makes you at least twice as large.
So filled with exuberance and love,
so much light and radiance that your ignite the world around you.
Yet, here in trusted sleep you rest.
Curled up beside me like a kitten
while your inner tiger roams the world beyond,
a world I will never know,
but get glimpses of
through your beaming eyes.

And so it is your sleeping face that closes my day as the last thing I meditate upon,
and it is to your sleeping face I gaze as I awake.
Hoping that your natural state will inspire me
to regain my own and that I can entwine my old wisdom
with your fresh wisdom and together
we can call in this New World.


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