We are golden phoenixes,
who dive into our own fire
to be consumed by the flames of truth.
Once the flames have cleared us away,
we linger for a moment
as ash and dust. Dingy with debris.
Until the force of our own gravity
pulls us back within,
compressing us,
creating the heat to burn
brightly once more.
Of course it not a comfortable experience.
So alarming
the first time this process began.
So unsure
as to what was happening
and what the outcome would be.
as the heat of the fire
felt more that we could bare,
even though we have endured it before.
Those who have been through it
many, many times,
are still learning
to stand back and witness
themselves in this mystery.
And enjoy the beauty
of each stage of transformation.
Knowing that it will continue
as long as we need to grow.


in the book Sutra Of Stars- Available Here

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