Show At Polly’s Paladar

Polly’s Paladar is a monthly dinner club that takes place in a beautiful home in Downtown Nevada City. The events, hosted by the lovely Megan McCollam, are fabulous, high energy celebrations of the amazing cullinary creations of some of the most amazing and innovative chefs around.
This month’s Paladar featured sushi master, Evan Scott, and his exquisite menu of Japanese-inspired cuisine.
I had the good fortune to share my artwork with the Paladar crowd. The more recent and Asian-inspired artwork from my collection adorned the walls of Polly’s Paladar while music from Bonobo filled the air.


Ironically, this was some of the same music I listened to while painting a few of the very pieces that made the show! The pefect combination to accompany the gorgeous servers and amazing food shared with the celebratory guests.
You can view my photos of this event on my facebook page at www.facebook.com/tiffanaya.

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