That vessel within me has broken again.
the clay that I had used to patch it,
the sun that I had used to harden it,
could not hold back the
water of my tears.
I let them flow down my face,
down my body until they
drenched me completely.
I laid on the ground
exhausted and soaking,
like the earth in this Spring.
After the tears,
In this stillness, the appearance of nothing happening.
But there was much happening in more subtle realms above and underground.
Seed bursting from their shells to make the uncertain journey towards the light-
The unknown world beyond.
Just as the seeds in the soil
quietly sprout and the bulbs burst before
they break through the surface,
the invisible effort of this breakdown has now
lead to another season of growth, of breakthrough.

In the book Sutra Of Stars- Available Here

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