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Sutra Of Stars

There is a web that weaves
the fabric of creation together
in a net that contracts and expands.
Eons pass with each inhale and each exhale.
From the tiniest fiber
to the whole of the infinite Universes,
there is no separation from the rhythmic dance
of creation.
There is a Sutra of Stars
that draws the heavens together in its spiral.
There is a orchestra amongst the atoms
so that even the most miniscule
is a seed of the profound.
The countless threads that spin
through every moment, every particles
like beads of a necklace,
pearls on a web.
Each strand stimulating the others,
in a cosmic cascade of energy.
The journey from here to the farthest reaches
would take you right back to where you began.
If you pluck just one string
they all will vibrate
with the same song.

-Taya Gopalpreet from the Book Sutra of Stars Available Here


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