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The Trail

I want to take you
just a few steps
off of your well-worn path.
Will you take my hand
as I reach it out to you
and then step you just two steps over?
I want to show you the edge
of crazy wisdom
and with such care
walk with you along Its border.
I am a trained guide in these realms.
I will be patient as I build your trust.

You hesitate
and I understand,
with so much resting on each step.
Lives and livelyhoods,
reputations and futures
that could be built
or destroyed
in moments such as these.
I would wait an eonĀ in this place
for you to decide whether to follow
or lead.
And then you pick up my hand.
For a little while, I show
you the path with my small bare feet
until you pick up the trail,
and remember you have walked this path
countless times.
Remembering you were one of the ancestors
that cleared the path,
you walked this path as a child in this life,
and you return now fully grown
and walking the way from both recollection
and visions that woke you from your sleeping.
I smile as you run past me,
the life-blood flowing through you once more
the remembering filling each cell.
And I too now find myself in both the footprints
of elder and child as I pick up my pace
to and race to catch up with you.


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