Libra Jamieson 1822

This World

This Word
is such a precarious dance
of extremes
and oppositions.
One moment and up
another a down.
One action for peace
another for war.
The goodness
seems overwhelmed by the bad
until the scales tip once more.
Only for a brief moment
are the scales ever balanced
in stillness
until the dance resumes.
I have climbed to the scales
and tried to pull them in my favor,
again and again,
but it was useless.
Once I had given up
I sat next to the scales
and settled down my anger
at how unfair this processed seemed to be.
When still
I noticed the scales
also became still.
The quiet in me
drew the scales into balance.
I was confused how I could influence
something as vast as the scales that measured
the weight of the good and bad in this World.
Instead of acting against these forces
I had more pull in sitting,
With that insight I remain
sitting in front of the scales.
Breathing myself into the peace
I wish to create in this world
and finding the balance point
in between.

From the book The Forgotten Love: Poems of Love and Longing

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