Women And Moon Crop

Women and the Moon

We all feel it. The effects of the Moon on our emotions, our energy, our sleep. We feel the stirrings of our wildness with the Full Moon and the internal draw of the New Moon. Our own tides rise and fall with the pull of the moon. But there is another connection that could change the way you relate to the moon and your emotions.

In the Kundalini Yoga tradition, Yogi Bhajan shared an beautiful insight into the way Women relate to the moon. Men and Women both have Moon Centers in their bodies. Men have one moon center which is located in their chin. Women have 11 moon centers. Now this may explain how men can remain relatively emotionally and mentally stable through out the lunar month. We women on the other hand have a journey ahead of us each month as the moon shifts from one moon center to another every 2.5 days. Each moon center has its own emotional tendencies that women can experience. The beauty in understanding what it means for the moon to pass through each center is that you can name this influence and act accordingly.

Each woman has her own unique pattern or order that the moon travels. I discovered that my lunar journey is very extreme, going from a heart-opened and generous center to a completely upset emotional center, from insecurity to complete capability and so on through out the month. I used to wonder what was wrong with me that I could go from one extreme to the other and back again over and over. Now that I understand the moon centers I have a bigger awareness of what is contributing to my emotional state. Sure I still have my emotional days, but I have a new ability to step back and disengage from the downward spiral.

It takes sometime to really get your rhythm down. For the first month I tracked my moon centers by using my intuition- asking myself “Where is the moon in me” each day. I found this to be very accurate as I confirmed it with a pendulum the following month, and each month this same pattern unfolds. I can actually plan around my moon center calender- knowing which days I have a better chance of feeling creative and inspired or communicative and expressive. When I can’t plan accordingly at least I am aware of where the insecurity or emotions are coming from on challenging days and can give myself some slack or pull the reigns a little tighter.

There are a few online resources to learning more about the moon centers and how to determine your pattern. Click Here for an article that helped get me started. I will also be offering a live workshop where we will discuss the different moon centers, uncover the techniques of uncovering your pattern and explore supportive yoga practices and meditation for the different center. I hope you can join me.

You can read more about the moon centers here or join me for a powerful workshop in Nevada City Saturday March 7th at Wild Mountain Yoga. Click Here for more details.

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