Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Classes
Workshops + Private Sessions
with Taya Malakian in Northern Ca + Beyond


Weekly Classes Yoga Classes-

Tuesday Evenings 5:30-7 pm Kundalini Yoga  Wild Mt Yoga Nevada City, Ca
Wednesday Mornings 6am-7am Kundalini Hour Wild Mt Yoga Nevada City, CA
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All levels classes composed of a themed insightful talk, warm-ups, a kriya (complete yoga practice), gong savasana (relaxation) and a deep meditation.

Upcoming Workshops-

Yoga of Dying

Death is an essential part of life. Death can be frightening or it can empower us to live more fully. Yoga and Meditation can help us prepare for and elevate our own passing by relating to the Infinite and lasting aspects of ourselves and our loved ones.

In this workshop we will use yoga, breath work and meditation to experience our true nature so that we can release our fears of dying. We will also honor those that have passed on before us and release our grief and longing for them.

Wild Mountain Yoga Nevada City Saturday October 28th 1-4 PM Click Here for Details & Registration

Moonlight+Candles- An Evening of Poetry with Taya
Saturday, November 4th 6-7:30pm $15
603 Mill St. Grass Valley, Ca

Click Here for Details & Registration

The Soul of Creativity: Yoga+Meditation+Artistry to Activate your True Purpose
offers a combination of teachings, yoga and meditation practices and creative writing practices to inspire, move through blocks, build confidence + intuition and open to the creative flow. Perfect for writers, artist, entrepreneurs or anyone looking to live a more creative life.
November 18th from 1-4pm $45
603 Mill St. Grass Valley, Ca

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Yoga + Manifestation- Creating The Life You Desire Using Yogic Wisdom
Saturday December 2nd 12pm4pm

The secret to getting from where we are to where we want to go is to remember this- You are guiding the show!
With that insight all we have to do is getting our minds clear, our bodies relaxed and our energy magnetic. Using the practices of Yoga + Meditation and the Laws of Manifestation we can do just that.

From this high place we can see the big picture of what we want our life to be and have the magnitude to call it all in. There is power in numbers and you will have a whole team of fellow yogis to support you!

Join Taya as she guides you through this powerful event and give you tools to continue creating the life you will enjoy living. This is an all levels workshop.

Yogini- Awakened Woman Day Retreat
Nevada City, CA  Details TBA

Join Taya for a full day of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practices specifically for Women covering:
-Understanding Emotions and Relationships
-Empowering Sex and Sensuality
-Cultivating Radiant Beauty and Lasting Vibrancy
-Opening to Spiritual Awakening As Women

Details TBA

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About Taya…

Taya has a deep love for Kundalini yoga and meditation and is a very dedicated student, practitioner, and teacher of yoga. She committed to a spiritual path early on and received a degree in Religious Studies focused in Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Eastern Medicine. A natural teacher, she is very passionate about teaching and elevating her students. Taya offers a supportive environment to grow and challenge ourselves as we explore the powerful kriyas and meditations that the tradition of Kundalini Yoga offers.

Students say…

“Taya is a powerful woman who carries herself with wisdom, grace, and femininity. Her teaching style is nurturing and pushes the boundaries of growth. She is a talented writer, poet, artist, and speaker whose lectures flow from the heart. Her classes and workshops have been precious jewels. All with great warmth, insight, humor, and a bright smile!”  -E.L.

“Taya has a quiet strength to her, which is more subtle and definitely present during her classes. She has a calm tone that helps me flow through postures, sometimes forgetting how challenging a particular posture is. Taya is confident, and I always feel held and contained in her classes. She has a brilliant working knowledge of the yogic system of Kundalini, and always provides a class that brings me to a more blissful, centered state. I would highly recommend Taya to both beginner and advanced Kundalini students alike. She is a gem in our yoga community. Sat Nam” -C.M.

“I love Taya’s classes.  They have such a great flow.  There is always such a wonderful presence in the room when she is leading.  I never feel any pressure in her classes, but I always want to dig deep.  She believes in this practice and is passionate about it.”  -T.N.

 “My favorite thing about Taya’s classes are that I never know what to expect. It’s apparent she puts a lot of thought into each class because there’s so much diversity in what we do each session. There’s never a dull moment as she guides us seamlessly through each pose and meditation; an hour and a half just flies by. She brings a beautiful flow to her classes, her music choices are awesome and it’s always guaranteed that I leave feeling lighter and clearer than when I arrived.” -T.T.

 “Taya’s Kundalini Yoga Classes are powerful, challenging and invigorating!”-C.C