Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2019’

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    The Wild Souls

    The Wild Souls- I will feed the wild ones. They deserve to be nourished. Returning what was once taken from them. Their migrations that were interrupted by some shortsighted plan. I will feed the wild ones, at first just offering the scraps from the feast. […]

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  • Taya Fan

    Within Our Skin

    Look at us, All of us walking around, hiding the same wounds and each thinking we are the only one. We will only know, when one of us is brave enough to shed the layers. Layers of dust and fabric Layers of weight and years. […]

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  • Mary

    The Many Wondrous Ways That Spirit Takes Shape

    You are only broken because the glue seller tells you so. Your form is not an accident but a story written by the whispers of your ancestors and the call of what is needed for the future. Not one attribute missing. Not one hair out […]

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  • Venus And Earth Dance

    The Most Beautiful Pattern

    Let us take turns offering our healings. I will find all of your pieces that have been shattered and scattered and will put you back together with soft hands. Breathing new life into your being. And you will go into the dark underworld and call […]

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