• Beautiful Woman And Bird


    If there is another way to surrender, please show me how. I have built my altar and knelt before it. I have bowed my head to honor all that is beyond me. I lay naked against the Earth in utmost submission, yet that has not […]

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  • Photo5

    A Poem Without Words

    I want to become a poem for the Beloved. I want to set my pen aside and give up the words I have used to aim at my true lover. With every aspect of my being, I want to seduce the Divine. Just like each […]

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  • Taya Smile

    Getting Started With Kundalini Yoga

    It has almost been many years since I began teaching, and many more since I began practicing Kundalini Yoga. The most common question I get is “Where do I get started creating a home practice?” Students want to know where to get the music, teachings, […]

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  • Quan Yin


    It is a funny thing, when life spins around on you and you are suddenly in a place you once judged. Your words are turned against you for a moment and you can feel the disgust you once felt for a person who was right […]

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  • Photo6

    Falling Apart

    Let it fall apart. Stop these useless attempts to hold it together. Take a deep breath and then let it all go. Everything. Don’t reach for things that start drifting away. It is time for them to go. Let only what matters remain- held to […]

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  • Big Heart

    Perfect Design

    It is no wonder that the planets shaped us from the moment we were born into complementary shapes. It is no surprise that your hand fits too perfectly in mine, even though it took my breath away the first time you held it. I can’t […]

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  • Lotus Hands


    One night, while lying in bed, I realized that I had spent so much time reaching up to the stars that what I already had was slipping through my finger tips. I lay still as this realization washed over me. In that stillness I could […]

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  • Photo4


    I am so devoted to you. That is the way you designed me. These hands so small, yet able to connect 
with distant planets with a simple touch. This spine, a bone mala, stretched between heaven and earth. My prayers recited over and over with […]

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  • Photo3


    I used to tell myself “I have abundance” even in the moments I felt I had nothing at all. Then I realized 
I had it all wrong. I don’t have abundance, I am abundance. With each breath I take in, I swell with abundance. Each […]

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  • Isaffron


    That vessel within me has broken again. the clay that I had used to patch it, the sun that I had used to harden it, could not hold back the water of my tears. I let them flow down my face, down my body until […]

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