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The Cavern

When the Earth opens up

and slowly pulls you in,

you can go willingly

into the depression,

even though you are scared.

The pull will not go away

but will only act as an anchor

that will slow you down,

as you press on

trying not to alter your course,

until you are buried to your knees

in earth.

When the Earth opens

up to pull you into

the depression,

know that it is

a whole new realm of

mystery that lies

within yourself.

Stop everything.

Let yourself rest

into the warm arms of the Mother.

Let the deep sleep

come over your mind

so that your soul

can speak clearly to your heart.

Let your heart be filled

with the instructions it will

need to carry you through the next journey.

Let your mind and ego be reworked

into new devices to assist you in your travels.

Let your body melt into its natural state

so that it can rise up with the comfort

and freedom of youth.

Do not run from the depression

the Earth has carved out for you.

It is only through the caverns

deep within the Earth

that we can see the reaches

of the sky.

-Taya from the Book The Forgotten Love: Poems of Love and LongingĀ 

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