Moon Glow

The Forgotten Love

We have forgotten how to love.

Real love is not an

not an act or gesture.

Real love is not an experience-

It is a state of being.

When we love, really love, we do not hold back.

We can’t turn it off and on and off again

like a light bulb.

It just radiates

like warmth and light of the sun.

We beam this love to everyone we meet,

not fooled by their title or what they are wearing.

If we really know how to love we

won’t save it for just a few

and wrap up tight in strings of obligation.

No, if we really know how to love

with all the endless expanse of our hearts

we can’t help ourselves but smile

the smile of the master

that even when speaking of great despair

delights in the beauty of human triumph.

The smile of the master

that opens the hearts of even the hardest warrior

and reminds them how to love.

-Taya, the title poem from the Book The Forgotten Love: Poems of Love and Longing

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