The Many Wondrous Ways That Spirit Takes Shape

You are only broken
because the glue seller
tells you so.
Your form is not an accident
but a story written by the whispers of your ancestors
and the call of what is needed for the future.
Not one attribute missing.
Not one hair out of place.
Not one shade off.
Stop covering what you are with apologies.
I do not want to hear them, instead
I want to hear the praises you sing each morning
in gratitude for another day you get to spend as you.
I have nothing to sell you
but I offer the space on the ground next to me
for you to sit
if you would like to share in watching the parade
of the many wondrous ways that Spirit takes shape.


About the Author

TayaTaya is a poet, an artist, a yogini, and mother. She strives to bring deep wisdom, ceremony and soulfulness into every aspect of daily life. She lives in Nevada City, Ca.View all posts by Taya →