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To Be Remembered

I want to be remembered

for swimming the night sea in my gown

after dancing around the fire.

I want all of my wisdom and ignorance

to be written down in ink on silk

and hung like banners to the wind

that will destroy both without consideration.

I want the beauty of my tears and smiles

to be embossed on the hearts of those who will

remember me when I am gone from this earth.

May it be with a mixture of awe and insanity

that my stories are told for what are legends

but ordinary people doing something unexpected.

Let my life be the candle that burns in the daylight

and the moon that stays dark at night.

I do not seek to be understood,

only witnessed,

as I tumble through the waves of this world

soaked in as much water as my hair

and gown can carry
with a heart filled with the same salt-tears of the sea

and just as much mystery.

About the Author

TayaTaya is a poet, an artist, a yogini, and mother. She strives to bring deep wisdom, ceremony and soulfulness into every aspect of daily life. She lives in Nevada City, Ca.View all posts by Taya →